Custom Water Features in Colorado Foothills, Mountain, and Front Range Communities


    When thinking about your landscape design, consider adding a water feature!

    Colorado Nature Design can add a pond, pool, cascade or waterfall that will transform your property into a peaceful and tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The sound of moving water has a calming effect, and our custom, one-of-a-kind creations will not only add visual appeal to your property, but value as well.

    A water feature such as a pond or waterfall provides a mini-ecosystem that brings harmony to your home and surroundings. The sound of falling water has an enchanting quality that brings an ambiance that you will enjoy for years to come. Studies show that the presence of water can help reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels. Picture yourself stepping out your door and feeling instantly more relaxed!

    We have created many different water features in the Colorado mountain communities of Evergreen, Conifer, Breckenridge, and Denver foothills. We understand the local terrain and how best to design a water feature to suit a location. Let us work with you to discover a water feature design that compliments your property! Click on the images below to begin a slideshow of our local water feature projects.

    Click below for a gallery of more water features created by Colorado Nature Design.