Planting and Xeriscaping in Evergreen, CO

    Enchance the natural beauty of your property with planting and xeriscaping.

    Colorado Nature Design offers custom grass and wildflower mixes. Using the proper type of grass seed mixes…taking into consideration jobsite elevations and slope grades are very important. Lawn type grasses are good around the close perimeter of the house where the mature grass can be short in height and has a prolonged green look. CND would highly suggest a 3-4″ layer of soil amendment base which ensures a great start for the new seed to grow and prosper for many years. Seeding with a mixture of rye/fescue/bluegrass seed ensures a quick to grow start to your lawn area. A mixture of meadow /dry land pasture mixes is for a taller more natural look. These mixes are more drought tolerant and easy to establish with natural conditions.

    Wildflower mixes are available with perennial mixes…. annual mixes… with many color /height selections available within each preferred mix. The great aspect of mixes is that there are different colors maturing throughout early spring into early fall…and if you use a perennial mix the seeds will regerminate each year… A great popular combination is of the low grow grass mixture with a wildflower mix. In that combination you get both stability of erosion control through the grass mix and the height and color from the wildflowers mix.

    Click below for a gallery of planting and xeriscaping projects by Colorado Nature Design.