Custom Landscape Materials Evergreen CO

    At Colorado Nature Design we have a large supply of many of the different landscape materials that you need for your next landscaping project. With access to bulk materials, we are able to keep costs down for our customers, helping stretch your project dollars even further to get more landscaping done for the same budget.

    Our Extensive Material Offerings Include:

    • Boulders & Rip Rap
    • Decorative Rock & Gravel
    • Planting & Xeriscaping
    • Mulch & Bark
    • Base Materials
    • Soils & Compost


    Boulders used for landscaping will typically measure from 2 feet to 5 feet. Uniquely shaped and sized they bring style and character for an immediate visual impact. They can be used to separate one area of landscape from another, as well as being used as accent pieces when they are combined with additional landscape design elements.

    Rip Rap

    Rip Rap are large stones that on average range from 5 inches to 12 inches. These rocks bring a defining look to a landscaped area helping reduce bare spots by making an area look more densely populated for a more pleasing look. Rip Rap is versatile in that these rocks can be used for retaining walls, ground cover as well as erosion control.

    Decorative Rock & Gravel

    Decorative rock and gravel comes in varied sizes and colors to bring beauty to an area with minimal maintenance. With so many choices, these elements can be combined with each other or used alone to bring visual appeal to a problem or bare area. We use these decorative rocks for xeriscape accents, tree accents, walkways, fence lines, parking and driveway areas and many other uses. Not only does this bring beauty to an area, it is also very helpful in maintaining areas that require water conservation as it keeps the sun blocked from drying out an area quickly. Used in any part of a landscape project, decorative rock adds beauty, an individuals unique style and functionality for a low maintenance solution. We specialize in helping you design your perfect project and bringing that vision to life.

    Planting & Xeriscaping

    Choosing the right mix of grass, plants and wildflowers to spruce up your yard is important in our high altitude Colorado climate. We always look to work with the current natural surroundings and add that eye catching flair based on your liking. When combined with our other available landscape elements we make your project pop with depth.

    After years of experience, we know what flower arrangements work well together and have an extensive arrangement for you to choose from for your project. We’ll help you design your vision and then our craftsmen will put your design into action for that curb appeal that you’re looking for.

    Mulch & Bark

    We have many varieties and colors of mulch and bark for you to choose from. These materials do so much more than just bring that decorative look to your landscaping. When used properly, mulch and bark will not only make your project look great, but they help the surrounding natural elements thrive.

    Mulch and bark can help reduce and keep invasive weeds from ruining your plants and yard, keep soil at more consistent temperatures during summer and winter months, and help with water conservation so that more of what your landscape needs (Water) stays around longer for your landscape to soak up as much as possible without having to water as continuously.

    Base Materials

    More often than not choosing the right base materials will help your landscaping last for the long haul so that you don’t have to worry about fixing what was already done. For that reason, every project should start with this in mind. Designing a functional and visually pleasing landscape all depends on what the project is. Not everything works the same way together.

    Base materials are the foundation of any landscape project, whether you’re adding a new driveway, parking area, garden, yard, retaining wall, stairway, walking path, water feature or any other project. With an extensive supply of material and our experience, Colorado Nature Design can make your project come to life, and last.

    Soils & Compost

    When designing a landscape project choosing the right soil is paramount. The right top soil will work with your project to help keep your grass green, flowers blooming and trees healthy for many years to come. Which topsoil to choose depends on the specific project and that’s where our experience and expertise will pay off for you. With our many choices and mixes to choose from, you’ll have the beautiful landscape that you’re dreaming of.

    Combine our soil choices with our compost options and your landscape will be better suited to reducing erosion, controlling moisture and delivering the nutrients that your grass, trees and wildflowers need to thrive in our mountain environment well into the future by improving the overall soil structure.